Isle of Hope School and Community Work Together

school mural 2 (1)

“Every time the kids look at the mural, we hope they spy a new animal they haven’t seen before.” Cooper & Davis

The ultimate success of the new Isle of Hope School will likely hinge on how it and the residents of Isle of Hope work together.

In that spirit, Isle of Hope artists, Polly Wylly Cooper and Joy Davis have handcrafted a mural for the school. The 12’x4’ mural includes 21 ceramic tiles and depicts the Isle of Hope marshland in all its beauty and diversity. They hope the uniqueness of the mural will help the kids grasp the abundance of the fragile ecosystem that surrounds them.

Joy Davis, who also works at the Tybee Marine Center, noted that even though the mural is filled with animals, it does not include all of the ones in the marshlands.

Megan Peigelbeck, the Isle of Hope K8 art teacher, was instrumental in organizing the endeavor with the school. She will work with a group of students to make their own tiles that will fit nicely around the sides of the mural. Cooper and Davis will join Peigelbeck by coming into the school and teaching the children how to create, relief and design tiles using stoneware clay.

Kudos to Cooper, Davis, and Peigelbeck for working together on this project and showing how the school and the Isle of Hope community can partner together to create something beautiful that impacts the next generation.