Congratulations Herb Creek Landscaping Supplies

Biz of Months - Herb Creek Landscape Supplies

Biz of Months – Herb Creek Landscape Supplies

You’re the Isle of Hope News Business of the Months. (No that’s not a typo.) We publish bi-monthly so that’s why it has an “s” on it. But going forward, in each issue, we will feature one business that is serving and having a positive impact on the Isle of Hope area community.

Corbin and Ami Zipperer, who own Herb Creek Landscape Supplies know a lot about Isle of Hope. They both grew up on the island and are a vital part of the community today.

They also know a ton about the lawn and garden industry. Corbin started a small fertilizer pest control company in the mid 1980’s. He and Ami launched a property management company in the 1990’s, then in 2004 they opened Herb Creek Landscape Supplies, Inc.

The company — named for Corbin’s boyhood home on Herb Creek — meet a need for quality landscaping products, plant material, ornamentals and palms near Isle of Hope, Dutch Island, Sandfly, and surrounding areas. They also opened a second location on Victory Drive (near Coach’s Corner) in 2014. This gives them  the extra space to stock and showcase larger quantities and sizesof their plants.

In 2014 and 2015, they were voted the Best Nursery & Garden Center in the Best of Savannah Home & Garden edition.

Thank you Corbin, Ami and Herb Creek Landscape Supplies for your positive impact on our community!