Isle of Hope Welcomes Baywatch Crew


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Hollywood visited Isle of Hope once again.

It was Baywatch, but not

David Hasselhoff or Pamela Sue Anderson. No this time former wrestler, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and High School  Muscial hearthrob Zac Efron rode their jetskis into town and the Isle of Hope Marina was transformed into Emerald Bay Marina.

Now I’ll have to admit I didn’t really watch alot of Baywatch but I was vaguely familiar with Pamela Sue, as was every teenage boy in America.

Anyway, let’s move on the movie industries fascination with Bluff Drive, but who can blame them, it is one of the most

picturesque places in all of America. And, as evidenced by this picture, the kids and the residents are having a great time. So here’s hoping, now and again, the trucks roll in and we continue to get a slice of the bright lights.