Getting “Buff” on the Bluff

If you are a frequent walker or golf cart rider along Bluff Drive, then chances are you have seen a group of women doing short runs and leg stretches up and down the Bluff. That’s BizFit in action, led by Biza Quattlebaum Mabry.

Biza is a fireball of energy who not only has personal training clients and kids at home, but she also teaches classes at PowerYoga in Sandfly.

BizFit is outdoor group exercise with the best views on the east coast! Where else can you experience seeing dolphins, pelicans, shore birds, and plenty of neighbors waving hello?

When somewhat of a fitness newbie, I took a chance and participated in one of her first classes and have returned many times since then. It’s a lot of fun be-cause everything is done in  short bursts, so I didn’t get tired of one particular exercise. The work-out can easily be modified, based on skill level, so all are welcome to come.

IOH: I understand you are an IOH native. Where did you grow up?

I grew up at 17 Bluff Drive. You know, there is not a day that goes by that one or maybe all five of the Quattlebaum children drive down the Bluff. My father made sure to let us all know how very blessed we were to grow up on the Bluff!

That must have been one exciting family home. For history buffs, the book, Bluff Drive and the Isle of Hope Churches (available at the Marina) says, “In the yard of #17, the Quattlebaum children had turkeys, goats, geese, mallards and a five-pound bullfrog. The geese, ducks and turkeys often strolled down the bluff in a long line to visit Rod and Sue Guerry’s colorful peacocks.”

IOH: Biza is such an unusual name! Tell us more.

Biza: My real name is Elizabeth. When my parents brought me home from the hospital, they showed me to my brother George, who was three at the time. My mom said, “This is your baby sister Elizabeth!” Well, he could not say Elizabeth, so he called me Biza.

IOH: When did you become so enthusiastic about fitness?

Biza: It’s been part of my whole life. My mom was an aerobics teacher, so when I was a kid, she was always dragging me to class with her. My dad was a runner, so there were days my sister and I would go running with him. I really got into it more after I had my kids.

IOH: What was your inspiration for starting classes on the Bluff?

Biza: I have been doing BizFit by myself, and with my private clients for years. Finally, one of my clients said I should make this a group fitness thing. I kept talking myself out of it and told myself that no one would come. I finally told that evil person in my head where she could go! I had 15 people in my 1st class.

IOH. We have seen your class running on the Bluff, are y  only about cardio or more?

Biza: You get a bit of everything in BizFit. You get your heart rate up for sure. There is also strength training. It’s a full body workout. You will have lots of fun and get to make new friends. Sometimes some of us jump in the river when we are done. For information on BizFit’s morning and afternoon classes, which meet at Wymberly Dock, be sure to check the schedule on Facebook (which can vary due to weather. Just look for the group BizFit on the Bluff and ask ask to join.)

Cathy Rodgers is a freelance writer who is is passionate about healthy living and nutrition. She is a Health and Wellness Coach focused on digestion and weight loss. Look for her blog at