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Submit Articles and Photos

We know there are tons of interesting people and stories on Isle of Hope, Dutch Island and Sandfly and we’d love you to bring them to our attention – or even write an article. It doesn’t have to be perfect (we will edit it). The most important thing is it is interesting and provides a better sense of the place and people of the Isle of Hope Area.

Also, if you go to an event or just have some great photos from around the area, send them our way. We will publish or post on our site or Facebook page and give you full credit. Go to learn to learn more.

We have also redesigned our website so that it can keep you “in the know” about what’s going on in between issues of the Isle of Hope News. Here’s some cool things you’ll be able to do on the site.

Submit Your Own Events

We are removing the events page from the print edition of the IOH News and bringing it online. That way we can keep you informed about everything that goes on around the Islands and Sandfly. And instead of having to email us, you can enter the events yourself and we will review and post. For more info go to Submit an Event.

Free Classified Ads

You can also submit a classified ad for free. This will be limited to individuals (not businesses). But we will offer businesses the opportunity to run paid ads on the site and in emails. Current advertisers will be given priority, so if you’re interested get in touch.

To submit a classified ad go to Place a Classified.