The Stars of Norwood Stables

IMG_2883 IMG_2876There is just something special about little girls in bright tutus and colored ponies.  This is something you see often at Norwood Stables, a local treasure that offers a party venue for girls or boys.   The picnic area can accommodate up to 35 children.

The Norwood Stables petting zoo is filled with Alpacas, donkeys, ducks, chickens, rabbits, goats, miniature ponies, and roaming Australian sheepdogs.  The USDA certifies the petting zoo. The ponies can even come to you (if someone happens to need  a little extra fertilizer).

Linda Brown has owned the stables on Norwood Avenue for over nine years now.  She grew up in Savannah and enjoyed the historic district as a tour guide and a carriage driver for many years. Horses have been a life-long passion of Linda’s, but the reality is, she did not get her own until she was 40!

Linda sets the tone at Norwood with her friendly smile, which makes the whole place welcoming and relaxing.  The oversized arena attracts horse owners and future riders of all ages who ride English or Western, and they offer lessons in both beginning at the age of six.  For those looking into lessons, they offer a  “Lease a Horse” system.

Linda has worked out a volunteer arrangement with some of the boys at Bethesda to come out and work on the farm and stables on Tuesdays.  On Wednesdays, the boys they come back to ride the horses.

Some stars at the stables include Sonny the horse, who starred in the movie “Savannah” with Jim Caviezel (who played Christ in The Passion).  Savannah is the true story of Ward Allen, who rejects his plantation heritage for the freedom of life on a river with Christmas Moultrie by his side.

Chewy the horse was in the Conspirator with Robert Redford. He was saved from a meat truck on his way to an auction. (that’s another story).

Another star is “Bentley” a Black Forest / Gypsy cross with a double mane, and is one of the first of his kind to be cross bred with this combination.   He even has his own facebook page!  Look for The Wonderful Adventures of CiC’s Sir Bentley Cassanova.  He came all the way from California and seems happy to reside at Norwood.

A favorite among anyone who visited Norwood Stables was “Ralph” the Alpaca (pictured on the right).  After some surgical complications, Ralph was laid to rest.  But all is not lost!  A new pair of Alpaca’s are now residents.  Be sure to stop by to meet Harry Potter and Butterscotch.