Long-Time IOHer Publishes Third Book, “Louisiania Boy”

Lynn Wardlaw

Lynn Wardlaw is full of stories; he honed his craft telling the tales to his grandchildren around a campfire on Copperhead Island in South Carolina. At the ripe, old age of 75 he started to put
them down on paper.

The why of his decision will always be his little secret, but ultimately he sees it as, providence, the hand of God. 

In his first book, “Me, My Torskand God,” he tells stories of his life in a Navy submarine and how he became aware of this compelling force controlling his destiny.

In book two, “Jaacov,” he tells the story of a fictional shepherd boy who has a front row seat as the Christmas story unfolds. Then, one day, Jaacov realizes why he was there for it all, but you’ll have to read the book to discover the rest of his story.

In May, Wardlaw published his third book, “Louisiana Boy,” a tale of his boyhood in Shreveport, New Orleans and the Cajun Bayou.

Perhaps his life can be summed up, by a story in the book, his grandchildren’s favorite. Wardlaw was four and he was having fun playing by the levee. Maybe too much fun, as he forgot to take care of one of the necessities of life. In this case planning ahead before he “pooped his pants.”

As he ran home, he threw the evidence of his “accident” under the house, slipping his pants back on before entering the house and seeing his family. Unfortunately, his dog Johnny had other plans and followed the boy into the house with the drawers and “proof” of Wardlaw’s “mistake.”

Wardlaw always had his plans, but things didn’t always go the way he planned. Despite the ups and downs of his journey, he seems deeply at peace with the idea that something or someone else had a better plan for him.

Lynn Wardlaw spent 40 years with Bell- South before writing his first book. He also moonlighted as an announcer and part-time drag racer at the Savannah Dragway. He currently serves a a Deacon for the Isle of Hope Baptist Church.