Local Potter Creates Communion Pieces for Church

New communion ware designed for Isle of Hope Methodist Church 

When Polly Wylly Cooper sent out an email in search of a new pottery kiln, friends on the island took notice.  As it turns out, ladies of the Isle of Hope Methodist Church worship committee task force were looking for someone to create new communion ware for the church, so they gave Polly a call.


Polly was then able to connect the ladies to Joy Davis who was busy making clay creations in her studio.   The worship committee, who included Barbara Rush, Susan Barton, and Barbie Lientz, then sought the guidance of Associate Pastor Jim Morrow.  They all agreed to commission Joy for the new communion ware.


The purpose of the new communion ware pottery is to have something more humble during the season of Lent, which is a time of reflection prior to the resurrection of Christ at Easter.


During Lent, the brass cross is replaced with a wooden one, the brass candle sticks make way for wood and the brass communion patens and chalices will then be replaced with handmade pottery. Joy was commissioned to create 10 patens, 10 chalices, and one extra paten to be used solely for gluten free communion wafers.   And the results? Barbie Lientz said, “God led us to Joy! She did an amazing job.”


The new communion ware pottery matches the kneelers at the altar rail.

The new communion ware will make it’s debut in February at an Intinction Communion service, scheduled for the second Sunday in February.


the personalized signature by Joy Davis for Isle of Hope Methodist Church.


Look for more about Joy and the making of this pottery in the next March edition of IOH News.

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