Is the Skidaway/Montgomery Crossroads Roundabout Necessary?


Three years ago, the county commission shelved the roundabout project after community opposition. However, in early 2015, the project resurfaced.

Original plans proposed that the development run along Skidaway Road from Sandfly to Victory Drive. The city deemed it unnecessary after the construction of the Truman Parkway. However, county engineers indicate they plan to move ahead with the development on the unincorporated section of Skidaway Road with or without the city.

Why? Here’s the official response:

“The project is being developed to improve the safety and operation of the Skidaway Road corridor from Montgomery Cross Road through the crossroad of Norway/Ferguson.”

Some area residents have voiced their concerns, saying the amount of traffic and accidents do not justify the six million dollar project. The county says traffic studies done in 2013 and compared to previous studies forecasted a 1 percent increase in traffic volume each year thorough 2035.

Many are also concerned about how the project will affect the residents of Sandfly. Residents could have their land taken away to make way for the project. The development could also eliminate the field that is used by Sandfly to hold community events, as well as the large oak sitting on the property.

Helen Stone county commissioner for the area indicated in a recent email that she was “adamantly opposed” to the project. She also said, she had explained to the county manager that the Truman Parkway and the Linear Trail make the project unnecessary.

The county is currently in the “right-of-way”stage of the project and could begin construction as early as 2016.

-Chris Brantley

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